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Web page to PDF

Saving a webpage to PDF is very simple. Enter the URL of the page you wish to download in PDF and click on verify. Once verified, click on continue to save it as PDF.


EcoPDF is deleting the web page content within the next hour. You can also force the immediate deletion of the file, after your download.


EcoPDF offers the possibility to make your saved PDF eco-friendly. A small text for the environment can be integrated on the bottom of the PDF file.

Save a web page as a PDF

Convert an HTML page to PDF

Would you like to save a web page as a PDF but don't know how to do it? Our tool allows you to copy a URL and turn the page into an optimized PDF document. It's a good way to keep the content of an HTML page in a document that's easy to keep, and can be viewed offline. Our EcoPDF tool allows you to perform this transformation in a free and secure way in just a few clicks. The first step to save a web page as a PDF is to copy/paste the URL of the page in question into the tool above.

Once this is done, our algorithm takes the measurements and transforms the content into an optimized PDF. It will only take a few seconds for the conversion to take place, at no cost to you. Before uploading the PDF resulting from the conversion of a web page, we offer you several options.

Here you have the option to bounce directly to one of the other conversions we offer - such as compressing or splitting a PDF. This is a good way to optimise your PDF so that it is more suitable for sending and transmitting. In our DNA, we also value the environment. That's why we offer you the opportunity to make your PDF eco-responsible by adding an environmental banner at the bottom of each page. This is an optional feature, not enabled by default.

What about the content? Where is it kept? After you convert the web page to PDF, we delete the file from our servers within an hour. No matter which operation is carried out with EcoPDF, the same principle is applied for all of them. You can also force our tool to instantly delete the content from the download page of your converted PDF.

Why use EcoPDF to convert web pages ?

EcoPDF is an all-in-one solution for processing and transforming PDFs at different levels. Beyond converting a web page (HTML) to PDF, we provide our users with more than a dozen possible transformations. All of them can be done online, free of charge and with maximum security. Our platform has an eco-responsible vocation by giving its users the possibility to optimize PDF for the environment.

This includes the possibility of adding a banner at the bottom of each page of the generated PDF (including when converting a web page) to remind users that it is better to avoid printing the content if it is not necessary. By compressing the PDF as much as possible, we also allow our users to send lighter - and more environmentally friendly - emails.