Rotate your PDF files
Rotate your pdf document and put it back in the correct direction
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Rotate a PDF

Do you want to change the orientation of a PDF file? After uploading your file above and clicking on continue, you will be able to chose the rotation of your file.


EcoPDF is deleting the rotated content within the next hour. You can also force the immediate deletion of the file, after your download.


EcoPDF offers the possibility to make your rotated PDF eco-friendly. A small text for the environment can be integrated on the bottom of the PDF file.

Rotate a PDF online, 100% free of charge

A tool designed in Switzerland to rotate your PDFs

Very often, when you scan a PDF, it does not go in the right direction. Our EcoPDF tool allows you to rotate your file in a few clicks in the right direction. This procedure is fast, secure and free of charge, and it will allow you to rotate it by the percentage that suits you. To do this, simply upload your PDF file on our site, click on the "Continue" button and the rest is intuitive.

With our PDF rotation tool, you will be able to rotate your PDF to different degrees. You can rotate it 180° so that it appears upside down from the original file, but you can also rotate it horizontally (or vertically) with a 90° or 270° rotation of the PDF. With EcoPDF, you can easily rotate your PDF in all popular formats.

Once you have chosen the orientation of your PDF, our tool takes care of rotating it. When it is ready, you can add an eco-responsible mention at the bottom of the generated file. This statement is optional, but it allows you to send a message to the recipient of the PDF. The sticker recommends printing the document only when you really need to, to save paper.

When you download the PDF you have shot, you then have the option of using the other tools we provide free of charge. You can directly compress, merge or divide it according to your needs. All these operations on the PDF are free and secure.

As you will see during the procedure to rotate the PDF, the content you have downloaded will be deleted within an hour after the operation. If it is sensitive information, you have the option to immediately delete the content so that it is deleted from our servers without delay. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, which is why we offer this option at no charge.

Why rotate a PDF with EcoPDF?

Our EcoPDF tool allows you to perform all types of operations on your PDF files, such as rotating a PDF. Rotation is not always easy to do when you don't have an editor on your computer, EcoPDF is a simple and efficient solution to do it. Our team is based in Switzerland, and we work daily to expand the range of operations available.

If EcoPDF is successful around the world, it is because our eco-responsible approach allows you to get the right messages across. The possibility for our users to make their PDF eco-responsible (with a prevention banner), while remaining subtle, is an argument that appeals to many. It's our way of committing ourselves to the planet.