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Remove, rotate or rearrange the pages of your PDF document
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Organise a PDF

Do you want to organise the pages of a PDF ? It is as easy as uploading your PDF file and clicking the button "organise".


EcoPDF is deleting your content within the next hour. You can also force the immediate deletion of the file, after your download.


EcoPDF offers the possibility to make your reorganised PDF eco-friendly. A small text for the environment can be integrated on the bottom of the PDF file.

Reorganise the pages of a PDF file online

A securised tool, made in Switzerland

You have a PDF file but would like to reorganize it's pages? You don't know how to move the pages of a PDF file and sort them in the right order? Thanks to EcoPDF, you have the possibility to reorganize your PDF online, free and securely. Our tool allows you to cut and reconstitute your PDF in all simplicity thanks to a "drag and drop" editor.

To reorganize a PDF on EcoPDF, you must first upload the file to be modified with the tool above. Once you have clicked on the button, you are redirected to a page that allows you to organize your PDF, page by page. A "drag and drop" editor allows you to easily change the order of each page, or even delete the ones you don't need. Once you have restructured your PDF, you can download it on our platform. Before you do that, however, you can use our other tools to further optimize your file: compression, merging, splitting or conversion. All features that allow you to structure your PDF even better.

Because we want to make a commitment to the planet, we also offer you the option of adding an optional mention at the bottom of each page of the generated PDF. It will focus on the importance of avoiding printing unnecessary content as much as possible. This is a subtle message that will be visible to all recipients of the PDF. It only takes few seconds and fews clicks to reorganize your PDF and generate the final version. As soon as the operation is completed, the content will be deleted from our servers maximum one hour later. If the documents are sensitive, you have the option - free of charge - to immediately delete the content once it has been uploaded.

Why reorganize a PDF with EcoPDF ?

With EcoPDF, we plan to provide an all-in-one solution that will allow you to process all your PDFs. Whether you want to reorganize a PDF file, compress it, divide it or merge it with another - everything is possible on our platform. With our team based in Switzerland, we do everything possible to provide a quality, free and secure service. Our only source of income comes from the advertisements displayed on the site, we rely on transparency to help a maximum of Internet users.

Thanks to EcoPDF, you don't need to have a PDF editor on your computer: everything is done online in a secure way. Even better, we offer everyone to take a step for the environmental cause by affixing an eco-responsible mention on each PDF generated (or reorganized). Avoid printing PDFs for no reason to protect the planet.