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Converting PDF file into HTML is easy with EcoPDF. Upload your PDF file and we will convert your file into an all-in-one HTML ready to use file.


EcoPDF is deleting the your PDF and the generated HTML within an hour. You can also force the immediate deletion of the files, right after your download.


With almost all of our other tools, EcoPDF offers the possibility PDF files eco-friendly. A small text for the environment can be integrated on the bottom of the pdf file.

Convert a PDF file to HTML

Transform PDF to HTML file

You have a PDF file but would like to convert it to HTML format? If you don't have a tool to perform this operation, EcoPDF is an online editor that allows you to perform this operation for free and instantaneously. By converting your PDF into an HTML (web) page, you can edit it more easily and put it online. By using our tool to convert your PDF to HTML format, you benefit from a secure solution that allows you to do the conversion without waiting. To start converting your PDF file now, you will need to upload it to our platform using the tool above. By default, the generated HTML file is in the standard format.

Once your HTML file is ready, you can upload it directly from our platform. By default, both the PDF file and the new HTML file will be deleted within an hour. However, you can force immediate deletion at the end of the download, if the content is too sensitive.

Why should you use EcoPDF to convert your PDFs ?

EcoPDF is a platform for performing all types of operations on PDF files. While standard PDF editors allow only a limited range of actions, EcoPDF offers you a wide range of transformations - including the ability to convert PDF to HTML. All of these operations are secure and available online, with no editing software required.

We have imagined EcoPDF as a platform that also allows you to make these files more eco-friendly. We offer the possibility on a majority of operations to put an eco-responsible message at the bottom of the generated PDFs (which is not the case in a PDF to HTML conversion for example) to avoid unnecessary printing.