Make your PDF files eco-friendly
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Make a PDF eco-friendly

Do you want to make a PDF eco-responsible? You simply have to upload your PDF document above, and click on continue.


EcoPDF is deleting your eco-friendly contents from it's servers within the following hour. You can also force the immediate deletion of the file, after your download.


EcoPDF offers different options to make your PDF eco-responsible. A tiny text, on the pages of your choice can be integrated on the bottom of the PDF file.

How to make PDF files eco-friendly ?

A securised tool, made in Switzerland

At EcoPDF, we wanted to create a PDF processing solution that is environmentally responsible. For each operation carried out on a PDF file, we offer our users the possibility to add a mention in favour of the planet at the bottom of each page of the generated PDF. This option is systematically proposed at the end of each operation carried out via our EcoPDF tools. As it is optional, you are free to activate the option or not.

Today, sending an email of one megabyte (1 MB) generates about 10g of CO2. The carbon footprint of a printed sheet of paper is 4.27g of CO2. Optimising the weight of attachments - such as PDFs - is one of the tips for reducing CO2 consumption worldwide. Finally, eco-friendly PDF files prevent the unnecessary printing. Therefore, decreasing the demand for cutting trees. This is why we also offer, after each operation, to compress the generated PDFs - in order to reduce the size of the user's files as much as possible. The latter thus participates directly in the fight against pollution.

Why making your files eco-friendly with EcoPDF?

On top of making your PDF eco-friendly, we are proud to implement strong Swiss based privacy laws. We are well aware of the confidentiality of some document. Therefore, all your content is deleted maximum 1 hour after your upload. We also offer the option to delete your files immediately after the download.